HarperCollins Publish Industry First ebook for Conn Iggulden’s Conqueror

Conqueror is the fifth and final instalment of Iggulden’s epic series featuring the Khan dynasty. It follows the extraordinary story of the rise to power of Kublai Khan, Genghis’s grandson, who used unparalleled and original military tactics to unite a nation and, at the height of his reign, ruled over a fifth of the world.

Fittingly, the ebook matches its exciting subject matter as it also breaks new ground, this time by pushing the boundaries of the ePub format. This is due to the inclusion of an interactive map, which covers the whole of Kublai Khan’s epic journey and offers the reader an enhanced experience of a multi-faceted and fast-moving plot.

In addition to the scope of the map, touch sensitive gesture technology allows the reader to load the map from any point in the book and see the location (and journey up to that point) of Kublai’s army. The reader can seamlessly return to their previous place in the narrative at any stage. Accessing the map is incredibly straightforward. The reader can swipe three fingers up the page at any point in the text to access it, and when they have finished viewing they can simply click ‘Done’ to return to the last point from which they were reading.

The tool is powered by GestureKit, a bespoke Javascript coding framework developed by The Bespoke Pixel.

Other features of the ebook include commentary on each stage of Kublai’s army’s epic journey, with an intuitive slider feature for reference and ease from start to finish. In addition, the e-reading experience is further accentuated by a variety of audio clips providing a pronunciation guide read by award-winning actor Richard E. Grant, as well as a witty and engaging discussion about Kublai by Iggulden.

 To view a web version of the interactive map, please click here (best viewed in Safari or on Google Chrome)

Conqueror by Conn Iggulden

Enhanced ebook edition | Exclusive to the Apple iBookstore 

Publication date: 19 July 2012

Price: £4.99



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